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Installing Your Registration Key BMT Micro Support
The registration process through BMT Micro is fairly well automated. Once you have submitted your order through BMT Micro's secure servers, you should receive a confirmation e-mail with a Subject line of "BMT Micro Order Received" as your credit card information goes through an approval process before being billed.
Once your credit card has been approved, you will received another e-mail containing download instructions for your Registration Key. The Subject line will read "Solitaire City for Palm OS Product Information". If you don't receive this e-mail and you have a Spam filter installed on your e-mail reader then take a look in your Spam folder to see if it's accidentally ended up in there. If you still haven't received your Registration Key within 5 hours of placing your order them please e-mail BMT Micro's customer support at
Follow the Registration Key download instructions in your e-mail. You download link should be of the form:
however, some e-mail programs may wrap a long web-link onto two lines and only make the first half of the link clickable, something like this:
In a situation like this, you need to copy and paste each piece of the link from your confirmation e-mail into your web browser's Address bar, joining the two back together by hand.
If you are still having problems downloading then click here and copy and paste your Serial Number from the download link into the text box on that screen. Your Serial Number is the bit after the question mark at the end of your download link. In the above example, it would be 1234-5678-8765-4321
Once you have clicked on your download link, Save the "SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb" file to a folder on your computer's hard drive. This is your Registration Key that will unlock your Trial Versions of Solitaire City for Palm OS®. Keep it somewhere safe , not in a Temp folder that might be emptied by your Operating System.
Save Registration Key
It is highly recommended that you make a backup copy of your key onto a floppy disk or other removeable media in case your hard drive crashes in the future. It's only about 3K in size and so easily fits on a floppy disk. Also, write your serial number on the label in case you need to contact tech support.
Once your download has completed, click on the Open button to launch the Quick Installer included with your Palm Desktop software. If this doesn't work then you should launch the Palm Desktop application manually, click on the Quick Install icon in the software, and then add the SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb file that you just downloaded to the installation list ready for a HotSync® operation. You can download the latest Palm Desktop software from PalmOne's website here, but you should already have this installed from the CD that came with your handheld. Click the one on your desktop !
Palm Desktop
Click the one in your Palm Desktop !
Quick Install
Open your Registration Key with Quick Install
Once the Quick Install utility has launched, you should select the name of the handheld you wish to install Solitaire City to. The Files to Install: box should list the "SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb" file that you just downloaded.
Select the Handheld to install to
If everything appears to be going well then click on the OK button, place your handheld in it's cradle and then press the HotSync® button to upload your Registration Key. The Trial Version of Solitaire City should then automatically convert into the Registered Version and you will be able to play without any restrictions. To upgrade, simply download and install the latest Trial Version of Solitaire City from any popular download site and your Registration Key will unlock it automatically.
HotSync SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb
Upload SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb with a HotSync® operation.