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Solitaire City Customer Support (Palm OS®)

Please click here to report a bug in Solitaire City.
Ordering Questions .....
What can I expect when I order ?
I've ordered on-line but my Registration Key hasn't arrived yet.
The link in my order confirmation e-mail isn't working.
Installation Problems .....
I'm trying to install from my Apple Macintosh and there are a lot of files. Which one's do I install for my particular handheld ?
My Registration Key saves as a pdb.cgi file and won't load on my handheld device when I do a HotSync.
I've just bought the game on-line. What now ? How do I install it ?
My game says it's the Trial Version but I paid for the Registered Version.
Upgrading .....
I've already paid for the game and a new version has been released. How do I upgrade ?
Technical Problems .....
Solitaire City doesn't work properly on my Palm® powered device. How do I get this fixed ?
I've found a bug in the game. How do I report it ?
I have a suggestion that might improve the game.
 What Can I Expect When I Order ?
When your Trial Version of Solitaire City expires, you are required to purchase a Registration Key that will unlock the game, allowing you to continue playing indefinitely. Usually, game authors simply e-mail the customer a short numerical code that has to be entered manually into your handheld using grafitti strokes. I find this method of registering annoying because the code is either open to piracy or locked to your handheld's serial number or HotSync® ID causing problems when you buy a new handheld or wish to install on more than one device, so the registration process for Solitaire City is slightly different. On purchasing, you will be e-mailed a link that allows you to download a very small (3 KB) Registration Key file that has been personalized with your name, company name and a unique serial number. You then simply upload this file to your Palm Handheld using a standard HotSync® operation and your Trial Version will automatically unlock. Your information is displayed on your handheld's startup screen to deter would-be thieves from handing out free copies over the internet. Because the Registration Key isn't locked to your handheld's serial number or HotSync® ID, you may install Solitaire City on as many handhelds as you personally own without having to buy additional Keys. You should keep a backup of your Registration Key on your computer and preferably on some form of removeable media such as a floppy disk or CDR in case you buy a new handheld in the future. When upgrades are released, you simply download a new Trial Version and your Registration Key will unlock it automatically.
When you purchase your Registration Key, you will be taken to an order page on BMT Micro's secure server Secure Connection. This secure connection will encrypt all information sent between your computer and BMT Micro's server, ensuring that your credit card and personal details are kept secret and perfectly safe.
You will then be asked to fill in your credit card's billing address and your e-mail address where your Registration Key's download link will be sent. You'll also need to enter two pieces of information that will personalize your Registration Key, proving that it's yours:
These two entries on BMT Micro's order page will appear on your handheld's screen.
You will be assigned a unique Serial Number that will identify your purchase. Please keep a record of it somewhere safe and quote it whenever making a technical support enquiry.
After entering your personal details and registration information, clicking on the Continue>> button will take you to the final page where you can verify your order and enter your credit card details.
When you have verified everything, click on the Submit button to place your order.
Your credit card should be approved within minutes and several e-mails sent to you including one that contains a link that you can click on to download your personalized Registration Key to your computer. Then simply upload it to your Palm® device using a standard HotSync® operation and the Trial Version will unlock.
 I've Ordered On-line But My Registration Key Hasn't Arrived Yet.
Usually, on-line orders are processed within a few minutes and you should receive a comfirmation e-mail shortly after placing your order to let you know your information has been received. Your Registration Key should then be e-mailed to you within minutes. However, occasionally the process can be delayed. If the server that creates your Registration Key is busy or temporarily unavailable then the request will go into a queue that is processed manually every 30 minutes. Eventually the servers should become available and your download link will be e-mailed to you, but it could take several hours in some cases.
Also, please be aware that e-mail is not always as reliable as we'd like and sometimes don't reach the recipient, or can be mistakenly identified as Spam and either deleted without you knowing, or placed in a Spam folder. If you have a Spam filter installed on your computer and haven't received your Registration Key then take a look in your Spam folder and see if it's accidentally ended up in there. The subject of the e-mail will be "Solitaire City for Palm OS Product Information".
If you still haven't received your Registration Key within 5 hours of placing your order them please e-mail BMT Micro's customer support at
 The Link In My Order Confirmation E-Mail Isn't Working
Some e-mail programs may wrap a long web-link onto two lines and only make the first half of the link clickable. For example, your correct download link might be something like this:
but your e-mail program may wrap this link onto two lines like this:
In a situation like this, you need to copy and paste each piece of the link from your confirmation e-mail into your web browser's Address bar, joining the two back together by hand.
If you ordered from anywhere other than BMT Micro then you need to visit the following page in order to personalize your Registration Key before downloading it:
The link is case sensitive so if for some reason you typed the link from your confirmation e-mail into your browser's Address bar instead of copying and pasting it then you may have accidentally typed /registration.htm instead of /Registration.htm
 I'm Trying to Install From My Apple Macintosh and There are a Lot of Files. Which One's do I Install for my Particular Handheld ?
Click here to be taken to a page where you can select your handheld make and model and be told which files to HotSync to your device.
 My Registration Key Saves as a pdb.cgi File and Won't Load on my Handheld Device when I do a HotSync.
If you haven't installed the latest version of your favourite web browser then you may find it tags a different file extension onto the Registration Key and tries to save it as something like "SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb.cgi". You won't be able to install the Registration Key unless it ends in ".pdb" so make sure the file is saved with the name "SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb" and rename it to this if your browser has modified the filename.
 I've Just Bought The Game On-Line. What Now ? How do I install it ?
If you bought the game from BMT Micro then please click here for installation instructions.
If you bought the game from anywhere else such as Handango, PalmGear or MyMobiDog then please click here for installation instructions.
 My Game Says It's The Trial Version But I Paid For The Registered Version.
If Solitaire City is still running as a Trial Version on your handheld then your Registration Key probably didn't HotSync® to your device properly. Please locate the Registration Key file that you downloaded onto your computer. It will be called SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb. Use a standard HotSync® operation to install your Registration Key onto your handheld. If your Palm Desktop software is installed correctly on your PC then you should be able to just double click on the SolCity_Registration_Key.pdb icon to automatically set it up ready for HotSync®. Pay close attention to the log messages that the Palm Desktop produces once you've pressed the HotSync® button on your handheld. It's easy to miss a message that says that the file didn't HotSync® correctly. Once you have successfully installed your Registration Key, the Trial Version will convert into the Registered Version and your license information will be displayed on your handheld each time you launch Solitaire City.
 I've Already Paid For The Game And A New Version Has Been Released. How Do I Upgrade ?
Simple ! Just download the latest Trial Version of Solitaire City for Palm OS® from here and install it onto your device. Assuming your Registration Key is already installed on your handheld then the new Trial Version will automatically become the latest Registered Version. Your Registration Key will unlock new Trial Versions for two years from original purchase.
 I Have A Suggestion That Might Improve The Game.
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