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Solitaire City for Palm OS®

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April 11th 2004
Solitaire City v1.02
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Do NOT install Solitaire City to your SD Card or Memory Stick as it won't work properly. You must install the game and all of it's databases to your handheld's internal storage space.
Windows® Self-Extracting Executable (.exe) 1898 KB
Windows Executable File Click here to download a self-extracting executable file (.exe) that you can run from your Windows® based PC. The InstallShield® file will set up your PC so that the necessary Solitaire City databases are installed on your Palm® powered device automatically during the next HotSync® operation. Very easy to use. Once the file has downloaded, click on Open and follow the onscreen instructions.
Apple Macintosh (.sit) StuffIt Archive 858 KB
Apple Macintosh StuffIt Archive Click here to download a Mac StuffIt (.sit) file and then take a look at the ReadMe.txt file within the archive for installation instructions. If you hate reading instructions then simple install all the .prc and .pdb files within the archive to your handheld with a HotSync® operation. However, you don't need to install all the databases and you'll save storage space if you take a couple of minutes to read the installation instructions.
If you have problems installing Solitaire City or it doesn't work correctly on your particular make of handheld then please click here to submit a bug report form.

Version Changes

Solitaire City v1.02 New Features
Added two new card sets with much larger and easier to read numbers and symbols.
A single tap on a card will now send it flying to the foundations (no need to double tap anymore).
Added sampled sound effects for Sony Cliés that have the old Yamaha sound chip: NZ90, NX80, NX73, NX70V, NX60, TG50, SJ33, NR70V, NR70, T675C, T665C, T650C, T615 or T415.
InstallShield setup now lets you choose your handheld model and automatically selects the correct components to install.
Landscape mode now supported: Sony Clie UX50, Tapwave Zodiac etc.
Background images now stretch to fill Landscape or Portrait Hi-Res+ screens.
Sound configuration form now re-sizes to fit a Landscape or Portrait screen.
Card graphics files are now sorted in alphabetical order.
The face down deck now displays how many cards are left to turn.
Solitaire City v1.02 Bug Fixes
Now works on AlphaSmart Dana and Sony Clié UX40/50 in Landscape mode.
Fixed a major display problem with monochrome 320 x 320 devices such as Sony Clié T415.
When scrolling the sound files list, the table re-drew twice instead of once. This has been fixed.
A rogue pixel that occasionally occurred at the lower left corner of a card if it was moving diagonally up and to the right, has been removed.
If you selected "No Sound" for the "Shuffle The Deck" sound event, the game would crash. This has been fixed.
If you won a game of golf using a 160 x 160 device, the fireworks wouldn't traverse the line of cards. This has been fixed.
Sometimes, the training help arrow would go underneath a card. This has been fixed together with the cleaning of a few pixels that used to be left behind by the arrow.
Re-sizing the screen during a Poker Squares game now re-draws your scores around the square.
The menu button in the top left of the screen now works on a Tungsten W and any other device with a keyboard that requires a shift key press before the menu key.
Solitaire City v1.01 New Features
A sound now plays each time a button is tapped.
The state of the Dynamic Input Area (expandable screen) is now remembered.
Made some minor changes to the Simple sounds.
Solitaire City v1.01 Bug Fixes
All forms should now work correctly in 320 x 480 stretched screen mode.
Now works properly on Tapwave Zodiacs.
Newer Sony Cliés running OS 5 such as the PEG-NX73V would display colourful messes all over the screen and sometimes crash and reset. This has all been fixed and v1.01 should now work on all new Clies including 320 x 480 displays.
Hi-Colour backgrounds should now work with 320 x 480 displays.
Fixed a problem with the Tungsten T3 where the display wouldn't extend to 320 x 480.
Now works with Sony Clié PEG-NR70 with 320 x 480 support.
Handspring Treo 600 and any other devices with 160 x 160 colour displays running OS 5.x had a colourful mess for a display. This has been fixed.