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What's New ?

19th May 2004
Added Switch, Solo, Maestro, PayPal and eCheck to the ordering options.
8th April 2004
Solitaire City v1.02 For Palm OS® has been released, adding a much easier to read card set, Landscape support to TapWave Zodiac, Tungsten T3 and Sony Clié UX40/50, sampled sounds to early Sony Cliés and fixing a number of bugs
20th January 2004
You can now sell Solitaire City through your own website and earn 20% commission on each sale. See the new Affiliate Program for details.
17th December 2003
Solitaire City v1.01 For Palm OS® has been released, fixing a number of bugs particularly with newer Sony Cliés and 320 x 480 displays.
3rd December 2003
The order pages are now up and running. You can purchase your Registration Key here..
1st December 2003
Solitaire City v1.00 For Palm OS® has finally been released ! Download your free Trial Version here.
29th November 2003
I've fixed the sampled sound problem and it's looking very likely that I'll have the first Beta Trial Version available for download late tonight. I just need to make a build and play test it for several hours first.
28th November 2003
I'm getting very close to releasing that elusive Beta version for you all to try. I have one slight problem with sampled sounds that needs fixing and then we'll be ready to rock.